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Social Media Content to Add to Your Posts to Make Them Stand Out

by Roveen Anyango
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When your work revolves around social media, you will constantly be required to be on your toes to maintain interest of your audience. This is because, social media, by design, is meant to keep people interested in a single item for only a short period.

So, how then, do you maximize the number of eyeballs viewing your posts? Here is how.

Ask questions

People often love to feel heard and you can create the perfect conditions for this by asking your audience questions. Note that you should ask questions that not only generate comments but also encourage the people viewing your post to like and share it. So, avoid divisive questions on sensitive topics and instead, ask innocuous, fun and engaging questions.

Conduct polls

Polls are a fun way to not only get opinions from your audience, but also get them to interact with the post. The polls should help you understand your audience’s behavior and help you tailor your content more to their liking.

So, questions like, ‘What time of day do you enjoy social media the most?’ with time ranging from morning, afternoon, evening and night among the choices can help you not only get engagements but also know when your audience likes to be online so that you post more during those times.

Offer tips and free advice

If you have a substantial following on social media, then you are someone that people will listen to on topics that you are comfortable with. So, make frequent posts offering tips or advice on things that your audience expects from you. For example, if you are a vehicle seller, offer tips on how people can care for their vehicle. If you are an influencer, give tips on how people can grow their social media following or how they can collaborate with brands.

Ensure the advice is on topics you understand well and are comfortable answering follow-up questions to.

Comment on trending topics

Disclaimer: Not every trending topic needs your opinion. On the same breath, avoid extremely sensitive topics unless you are well informed on the matter.

Now, with that out of the way, if a trending topic is on something that directly affects most of your audience, or is on something you care about, then give your comment on it.

Be sure to research on the topic so that your comment is well-informed and thus, well received by the audience, whether it be in comments, likes, shares, retweets and such.

Social media content is still evolving and you need to constantly adapt so that you are not left behind.

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