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4 Lifestyle Changes that Will increase your Productivity at Work

by Roveen Anyango
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We all want to be productive in whatever we do, and especially if that activity makes our life better or more comfortable. However, many of us often turn to unhealthy solutions to increase productivity, some of which include sacrificing much of our sleep or drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee just to keep active.

These habits might keep you productive in the short-term, but the long-term implications could be a health risk.

Below, then, we look at healthy ways you can increase your productivity.

Avoid Social Media

This might seem like a no brainer, but studies have found that frequently checking social media reduces our productivity a great deal. Often, we tell ourselves that checking social media for five minutes won’t hurt. However, if you check social media for only five minutes, you will most likely go back to check again and again through the day.

To reduce this, avoid logging onto social media on your desktop when at work. Alternatively, keep your phone away from your reach while working.

However, this does not apply if your work revolves around social media. Here, simply ensure that you are on social media for the work that puts you there.

Look after yourself

In the introduction, I mentioned pulling all-nighters as an unhealthy habit that could lower productivity in the long-run. Therefore, it is crucial that you make lifestyle changes that help your mind be settled and ready to be productive when called upon.

Looking after yourself includes:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours)
  • Eat well. Ensure you eat a balanced diet for better concentration and improved brain function.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is the best for this but you can also choose another healthy alternative.

Be disciplined

The world right now is full of distractions and distractions are what lead to a drop in productivity. To be productive in the best way possible, set yourself goals and focus on those goals without distractions.

The best way to staying disciplined is first understand your distractions, then work around them while still remaining productive. For example, if you cannot help but zone out while at work, create a schedule where you are productive and then treat yourself to a zone out session for some five minutes. So, for example, you can decide to stay dedicated to work for an hour, then zone out for five minutes after as a reward. This helps you maintain focus while also satisfying your desire to zone out.


Stress and distractions are two major caused of decreased productivity as they take away the desire to work.

To get yourself into a point where you are less distracted, practice meditation, especially in the early morning before work. Studies have found that meditation helps build concentration and reduces stress.

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