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Tips on How to Overcome Mental blocks

by Roveen Anyango
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Mental blocks are among the most common hindrances to us doing great things. Mental blocks are defined as barriers that stand in the way of our creativity, motivation or productivity. These barriers will often exist only in our minds and will often be caused by different things such as decision fatigue, lack of focus and procrastination.

Below are some ways to get over the mental blocks.

Begin with small tasks

One of the biggest causes of mental bocks is feeling overwhelmed because of the magnitude of work such that you don’t know where to begin. When this happens, make a list of the things you want to do and then begin with the easier tasks. So, for example, if you want to clean your room, begin by cleaning your desk and so on.

Take some time out

Sometimes, you might be experiencing some mental block because you are tired. If you feel fatigued and clouded in your thoughts because you feel tired, the best way to get past the mental block is to provide yourself with the rest you need. Take a break, let the task rest, and then go back to it when you feel fresher.

Change your method

Sometimes, you might experience a mental block in a task because of the method you are using. When you find yourself unable to complete a task in the way you are used to, how about making some changes in how you do that task? For example, if you are a writer struggling with writing, if you have been writing in the morning, how about you try to write in the evening? See how it works. Sometimes, even a change of scenery could be all you need to overcome that mental block.

Ask for help

Asking for help might be challenging, but if you are unable to get through your mental block and get the task completed, then you are better off asking for help.

Mental blocks can put us in a spot of bother and it is crucial that you know how to deal with it and I hope these tips and more help you get going.

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