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How to Fix Battery Drain on Android When Using Chrome

by Roveen Anyango
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Chrome might be among the most popular web browsers, but it is not without fault.

While Google has gone about trying to fix it, Chrome remains a browser with many flaws, and among these flaws is that it tends to drain phone batteries quite fast.

So, if you are using an Android and want to know how to stop it, then here is how:

Close Tabs You Don’t Need

Many of us are into the habit of opening multiple tabs, sometimes even when we do not need to have those tabs open.

When you open up more browsers, you then give the browser more work to do. This means Chrome must dig deeper into your phone resources to run these tabs flawlessly.

Among the resources it taps into is the battery. So, close tabs that you don’t need to save on battery.

Restrict Chrome’s Battery Usage

Android allows us to restrict how much apps can eat into our battery. This means stopping apps from running in the background and draining your battery.

Thus, to restrict Chrome from running in the background and draining your battery, press the Chrome App icon. Then click on App Info. Then tap on Battery and select Restricted.

Disable Page Preloading

Chrome will often preload web pages it thinks you are more likely to open. This is for convenience as it means you will not have to wait for a web page to load when you click on it.

However, this also drains your batter. Thus, it is best to disable this feature, especially if you already have fast internet. Here is how to disable this feature.

Clear Browsing Data

Sometimes outdated cache data can result in Chrome consuming a lot of battery power because of the disruption from outdated data.

Thus, clear browsing data and see if it helps.

Note that you need to do multiple of these steps to see a significant change. Doing only one part might not result in any noticeable improvement in battery life. So, try to do two, three, or four at once and see if that helps.

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