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How This New Feature on Google Play Store Will Make App Downloads More Secure

by Roveen Anyango
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Currently, even with improved security on our devices, thanks to more improved antivirus and software security apps, threats to our devices remain. In fact, as security increases, the dangers become a lot more discrete. Google, though, has introduced yet another new feature to help improve the security of apps on their Google Play Store.

Independently Security-Tested VPN Apps

Google says that last year, the App Defense Alliance, had introduced MASA (Mobile App Security Assessment), which would allow developers to get their apps independently verified against a global security standard.

This new form of assessment would signal to users that a third party had assessed an app and considered it to meet the privacy minimums and other regulations and is safe for use.

Developers who go the extra mile to ensure that their apps are able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities quickly will get this badge as a sign that their apps are safer to use.

This feature was introduced last year but is getting more wide release this year with new updates.

Under the new Google Play Store banner, this feature will show a badge next to an app review, which will signal if the apps have been independently security reviewed. The flag will read ‘Independent Security Review’ and a learn more option.

What apps have this feature?

Currently, this feature is available only on VPN apps. The feature is on the App Validation Directory, a centralized place where you can see all VPN apps that have already been independently security reviewed.

So, when you go to the Play Store and search for a VPN app, you will get a banner right at the top of the app description, which signals to you that the app has been independently verified as having great security measures.

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