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Five Ways to Humanize Your Business or Brand

by Roveen Anyango
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For a long time, we have believed that for businesses to prosper, we need to get rid of any human face to them at all costs. This was why many company CEOs remained anonymous.

However, with time, many companies and brands have actually realized that, as innately social beings, we relate better with companies and brands that show a human face.

How, then can you show the human face of your company to relate better with customers?

Be authentic and consistent

Many companies will often try to put up a front of what they presume their customer or target audience would like and fail to really be true to why they really are.

If you are the founder of a business, let that business represent the kind of person you are. If you are quirky and fun, then your business should reflect that in creative marketing.

When you stay true to your brand, marketing then comes naturally.

Tell a story

There is nothing quite as captivating as telling a compelling story. This is why the greatest movies are those which tell a compelling story and not the ones with the best visuals, though those play a part.

As a company, rather than market or advertise in the traditional sense, instead, choose to create adverts that tell stories. Stories capture people’s hearts and for a company, it shows that behind the product/service, are human beings who also enjoy a good story and a good laugh.

Put members in the spotlight

Long gone are the days when the CEOs were the face of the organization. To relate better with your customers in the modern-day, you need to shine the spotlight on everyone who makes the organization tick.

From the top heads to every subordinate in the company, customers seeing the face of the people working in the company helps them put a face on the company, and they become more likely to relate better with the company.

Leverage social media

Social media has made branding easier for companies. But the truth is that the companies that become more popular on social media tend to run their social media pages with a bit of an edge.

Whether they make witty social media posts, reply casually to comments or show compassion when something bad happens, social media has helped humanize brands. So, use it to build a good rapport with your online customers and watch your brand grow.

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