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How to Become and Succeed as a Techpreneur

by Roveen Anyango
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The world of tech is the world’s most coveted and successful industry. With the tech innovations taking place, there is more tech than people know what to do with it, opening up new possibilities.

And if you desire to become a techpreneur, then you also need to be aware of just what is needed. When you decide to invest in tech, you are a disruptor, and disrupting the system requires a lot more from you.

Here is how to do it:

Basic tech skills

I know you already know that you need entrepreneurial skills, but to succeed in tech, you also need some basic tech skills.

Skills in fields such as Tech Stack, Web Development and industry-specific technologies are all necessary for you to succeed in the business. You don’t need to be a tech whiz in all this, but you will need that foundational knowledge.

Be creative

The tech world is nothing but a series of ongoing experiments. When you sit and take notice, you will find out that many of your favorite tech companies will often try new changes with almost every new update.

That is a sign that they are not resting on their laurels. You also need to be a person who will not shy away from experimenting and exploring unchartered territories. Be willing to take risks and experiment with the ideas you have.

Be Persistent

What makes the tech industry a great field – it is widely becoming a go-to place for many people looking for work or business, is also what makes it hard to succeed – there are too many people.

With many people looking to set up businesses in the tech industry, you will not have it easy in your push for success. It is tougher for you to succeed in tech now than it was for people like Mark Zuckerberg. So, your persistence is what will save you.

By staying true to the cause even when the journey gets tough, you increase your chances of success.

Have the right team

You can’t go at it alone in tech – no one ever has. Thus, before beginning the journey, you need to have a team around you, a team full of people who not only have strong beliefs in your idea but also who are invested in its success.

Seek out experienced and hard-working people and have people in your team who have complementary skills. For example, you should have a marketing and sales person, a communications person, and such.

Techpreneurship is a field of entrepreneurship that demands constant dedication and hard work above all else. With all the above in place, you increase your chances of success.

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