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How to Fix a Blinking Red Light on Your Router

by Roveen Anyango
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There is nothing quite as frustrating as being on your computer working, then suddenly, your network is gone. You look over to your router and get that dreaded blinking red light.

I know the feeling, because I have experienced it severally with my router. This article looks at some solutions that you can try.

A blinking red light is a sign that there is a complete disconnection with your internet. Below are some simple ways to fix that issue.

Restart the Router

The first course of action before trying anything complicated is to restart your router and modem.

Unplug your router from the power supply completely and wait for 30 seconds to a full minute before plugging them both back in. You can also do the same with your modem.

If it still shows the blinking red light –

Check the Cables

A complete break in internet connection could occur due to faulty cable connections. Thus, if restarting doesn’t work, then check the cables, especially the cable which connects to your router from the modem.

Adjusting the cable to ensure it is properly fixed could help reconnect the router to the internet.

Also, check the whole Ethernet cable from the modem to the router to see if it is broken.

If the cables are fine, but it still blinks red, then follow the next step –

Contact Customer Support

Beyond this, unless you are an IT specialist, there is little you can do other than accept that you might not have the technical knowledge to sort out the issue behind the lost connection and call your internet provider’s customer care.

Customer support might be able to reconfigure the router and modem in ways that you can’t.

And there you have it – simple ways to fix the blinking red light on your router.

However, if you find yourself constantly needing to fix the blinking red light, then consider changing your internet provider – they could be the problem.

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