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How to Fix Slow Charge on Windows PC

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you have a Windows PC that has lately become very laggy when charging? Is your PC sometimes discharging when charging, especially when you use it? Do you experience Slow charge on Windows PC?

Whenever you experience slow charging, then the main culprit will often be hardware, but there are also some software issues that could cause a slow charge. So, before taking your PC to the technician to fix it, here is how to first troubleshoot the problem.

Hard Reset

As with any things tech, we begin with a hard reset. The computer motherboard has many memory chips which store data. When you keep the laptop always connected to power, these chips will keep storing data and, thus, may then not reflect the correct battery status.

So, disconnect the laptop from the charger and then remove the battery. Hold the power button to drain the battery completely. Then, put the battery back in and turn the laptop back on.

Use the original charger.

Sometimes, the PC might be charging slowly due to sub-standard replacement chargers. This could be due to differences in power levels from the replacement compared to your PC. For example, if your PC charges at 12V and 3A, then a 5V,3A charger would not work best.

So, use the original charger that came with the PC, and if it’s a replacement, ensure it is up to standard and has similar power specifications to the original charger.

Calibrate the battery

Sometimes, the battery might need a little ‘reset’ of its own. Therefore, if you have a slow-charging laptop, then disconnect it from power and use it until the battery is completely drained such that the device cannot turn on.

Once drained, then connect the charger and charge the battery to completion. Do this again and again. This allows the battery and the system to re-learn how to report the battery levels correctly.

For more tips, you can look here. If none of this solves your problem, then consider having a battery change, and you can change your laptop battery yourself.

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