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Productivity Tips that Work

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Have you reached at the end of your day and you are now wondering what you have been doing the whole day? You don’t seem to have rest in thinking about how you spend your time. Do you want to get better at being productive? Here are some Productivity Tips that Work.

Track your behaviour

One of the Productivity tips that Work include Tracking your behaviour. Most especially, tracking how you spend your time throughout the day. Look at the hours you spend on social media, the hours you spend sleeping and working out.

A knowledge of how you spend your time will give you insights into where you may be loosing a lot of time, or using it wisely. You can use apps and digital tools to track your social media usage and general time usage all day. Alternatively, you can use goal setting apps to help you analyse your time usage.

Avoid distractions

After you have tracked your behaviour, it is now time to make a mends. It is now time to plan your time better and avoid the distractions.

For example if you find out that most of your time is spend scrolling through social media feeds, it is time to better manage that. Put away your phone while working. Additionally, block notifications and alerts that may distract you. Better yet, avoid taking part in office gossips and chats that are never ending. Better use your time getting actual work done.

Besides, consider using productivity apps.


Start with the important big tasks

Ever heard of the saying “Eat the frog?”. Eating the frog means identifying the difficult tasks and starting with them first.

Mark Twain once said that if you have to eat a live frog, do it first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.

Eating the frog ensures that you have set a good basis for the rest of day. Additionally, it will lift of the weight of procrastination and having something “big” nagging you through the day. Get the important big tasks done first.

Take Regular breaks

Another one of the Productivity tips that work is taking regular breaks. And not only taking breaks, but taking meaningful short breaks.

You can choose to stand up and stretch, read a book or a blogpost, make some tea or coffee, meditate or look out of your window. Find something that actually relaxes your mind and disengages you from a work momentarily. Long hours are counter productive and may be recipes of stress and anxiety.

Essential tips to Finish what you start

Delegate tasks

Avoid trying to be superwoman or superman and learn to delegate tasks. Delegating tasks in one of the productivity tips that actually work.

Delegating tasks means you are left with what you can handle and maximally concentrate on it. Morevoer, It ensures that yo u will not get overwhelmed. While you may be tempted to keep things to yourself, learn to trust others and let go off perfectionism.

Switch off after work and Get Enough sleep

Finally, for better productivity at work, aim at switching off after work and actually getting enough sleep. This will help you to be powered up and energised for the following day.

Additionally, it allows you to have a good work-life balance and ensures that you are a healthy all rounded human being. Never underestimate the power of good sleep!

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