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10 Powerful Tools for Goal Setting

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Having established the importance of creating goals and how to set proper goals, it is now time to get things rolling. One of the reasons why people fail to achieve their goals is lack of proper tools. Here are some 10 Powerful Tools for Goal setting that will help in setting proper goals.


StickK is a tool that is committed to help people eliminate the gap between having a goal and achieving the goal. It works with a Commitment Contract. This pushes the users to work and commit to the goals and resolutions in a community.  It is the highlight of accountability that allows StickK to stand out.


Lifetick helps you to figure out your ‘Why?’. It begins with the basics of your core values and what really matters to you. It uses the SMART approach towards setting goals and keeping track of them. Lifetick allows users to track their progress using charts, with the possibility of exporting the data.
It is a very elaborate tool that can be used by Individuals, Teams and Enterprises.



For a clear overview of goals and progress in an interesting visual format, Goalscape is the way to go. Goalscape has a powerful visual structure that makes it standout amongst its competitors. It allows you to share your goals with others as well.


If you need all your work in one place, ClickUp is where to be. ClickUp houses Tasks, Documents, Chats, Goals and more. It allows you to plan, get notifications and allows possibility to sync with your calendar. ClickUp also allows you to break down tasks to sub-tasks. It is an app that is easy to use yet maintains its powerful nature. It is suitable for individuals, teams and enterprises.


This is yet another goals setting tool. It is able to track your Goals and Habits. With Strides, there is a lot of flexibility. You can keep track of anything, set goals on a daily basis or over a longer period of time, view charts and progress bars. It allows you to see progress reports among other reports that add value to the goal setting process.


Way of Life

Way of Life is a tool  with a beautiful and interactive User Interface. It allows to track one’s routines. This creates space to build proper habits. It gives users reminders and allows them access to charts to track progress and view the bigger picture.


This is one of the goal setting tools that allows for customization. It is free to use with some restrictions. ATracker allows you to track your time spending history. It allows one to set daily and weekly goals. It allows to view and export reports in form of pie charts and bar charts.

Habit List

Habit List has an interactive, intuitive and easy to use interface. It allows setting of goals, keeping track of them, checking the progress and getting reports of the progress. It allows you to view trends over time. Habit List also has reminders that help you to stay on track.


Friday is ideal for teams and companies as well as individual goals. It allows to centralize and track progress. It prides itself in being the Digital HQ and it is able to integrate with other tools you are already using. Friday can be personalized to fit different audiences.


A tool that is suitable for teams and individuals as well. Asana allows one to organize things, from small goals to big goals to collaborations. With its project overview, you can keep track of the bigger picture and the progress being made towards it.

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