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Things to do for Christmas

by Evalyne Ndanu
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It is that time again, CHRISTMAS!!!

The holidays come with a unique opportunity for friends and family members to enjoy fun Christmas activities together. Herewith are some ideas to spice up this season of celebrating love! Things to do for Christmas;

Do Christmas Karaoke! One of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is by infusing your home with the sounds of the season. From traditional carols like “Oh Night Divine”, “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” there are plenty of great Christmas songs to add to your playlist.

Put up a theatrical performance or visit any theatre still to watch drama during this season. Check to see if your own local performance arts center is putting on their own show. If the worst knocks in, you can stream it all online or buy from the nearby movie centre a movie on DVD.

Furthermore, you can still smuggle in a Christmas book if you are a fun of book-reading. For a quiet way to enjoy the season, dig into a great Christmas book. Yet you can all take turns reading a story or page aloud. Go look for a classic or try a modern bestseller. This may spark-on new talent among your guests. Remember that a good reader is a good leader! Then the fact that some treasures are hidden in books.

Pick out a tree and decorate it! This can be done while those Christmas songs are playing in the background. It creates a very good mood as you go about the décor. Remember. It is okay to have either a natural or artificial tree!

Display your Christmas cards! Don’t just toss all of those adorable family Christmas cards into a basket somewhere, they deserve some daily attention. String some twine across a side table or along your stairway, then use clothespins or pegs to hang each special greeting. Never throw away a Christmas greeting card!

How about hosting an in-house cookie competition? This is an adorable sweet Christmas activity for all kids and adults. Add a little element of competition by challenging each house member to craft their own, then posting an unlabeled photo of each cookie on your social media accounts, and asking friends to rate their favorite. Set the stakes: Winner gets to open the first gift on Christmas!

christmas cookies

Christmas cookies

Wrap presents, write and share cards! Don’t wait until the last minute to wrap all those and send to the right addresses!

Host friends and family by the fireside or some camp fire evening with Christmas candles? When the weather outside is frightful, stockings are hung with care, and you’ve got your camp gear on… There’s nothing quite as relaxing as curling up in front of a roaring fire.

No fire place! It is okay, just get dry logs set them up starting with the small ones first and bigger ones on the outside, then light up! Don’t forget popcorn, music, tea/coffee, roasted meat, cookies or such snacks as you can afford.

If you have got to go caroling, or have an evening of Christmas carols by home, just let it be! This year, you can choose to travel beyond your next door house, and turn up somewhere that could really use an extra dose of holiday cheer: like a children’s home, outside of a local nursing home, etc.

Have a Christmas game night or day! Such activities aren’t just for kids! By dedicating your evening to playing a few is an easy way to bridge the family or friends around. Think of a Christmas movie trivia, a kid-friendly treasure hunt, a good old fashioned board game or any outdoor game.

You can volunteer! If you’re looking for a way to give back, why not volunteer to cook or serve a holiday meal for there are countless who cannot afford a meal. Either you host them or gift them a meal.



On Twenty fifth, attend a Church Service if you must (if religion is important to you), you can’t forget the reason for the season. For an extra-special treat, put your church or parish midnight mass on your calendar. The candlelit service is like none other you’ll attend all year. You can even stay home and “visit” one of the world’s most famous churches online. This calls for real dressing up for church and letting the spirit of the season move.

Have a feast with family and (or) friends!  There is plenty to pick from the menu! Either you fix yourselves a kings’ menu or you walk into a restaurant but a feast is a must. But it is important that we eat right or else our fun can end us up in the causality ward!

Therefore, everyone can still find pleasure in all that December has to offer at home, out in your neighborhood, and beyond. Indeed, there is no need for a map for traveling to a magical Christmas village! We are already there!

Have a joyous Christmas Holiday!

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