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Black Friday Websites that You Should Bookmark

by Roveen Anyango
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The festive season is with us yet again as we edge closer to the end of the year. And you know what that means – Black Friday’s around the corner. We tend to ask ourselves this question: what are some of the Black Friday Websites that You Should Bookmark?

Black Friday is a tradition that started in the United States that follows Thanksgiving Day and aims to encourage shopping through insane end-year discounts. Black Friday has spread from the US to the world over and is now a feature every November as the Christmas mood sets in.

So, what are some of the Black Friday Websites that You Should Bookmark?


Amazon has become the number one destination for general online shopping thus, it is no surprise that it is one website that you should bookmark for your Black Friday shopping.


The site has what they call Black November, where Amazon gives deals daily, called Holideals. The deals could be up to 70% off, with each deal taking place daily.


eBay is yet another popular online destination for shopping and its best feature is its randomness.

Often, with eBay, you tend to find hard-to-find products are low prices, products you would not find on any other website. Through the month of November, you will get daily discounts each day. Sometimes, you will get 30% discounts on luxury brands or electronics retailing up to 65% below normal prices.

So, this is definitely a site that you should bookmark this November.


If you ever want a comprehensive database of Black Friday deals across various major retailers and department stores in the US, then BlackFriday.com.

Black Friday

The site itself is not the retailer but rather, gives you a catalogue of all the deals that you will find from major shops, mostly in the US. Think of it as a magazine where you get all information on Black Friday deals and get to choose what you want.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a website that majors in electronics, both used and new. You can preview ads on their Black Friday or sign up to their newsletter to get their email updates on their Black Friday deals.

The site has what they call doorbusters, which start on Thanksgiving on November 28th. Doorbuster is a marketing strategy where a company offers special discounts to select items for a limited time. This is so that they get a lot of customers when they open, hence the name.

So, check out for deals on Best Buy daily, and don’t miss out as they tend to sell out quite fast!

So, if you are looking for deals this festive season, the above websites should be your companions.

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