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Womentech Network: Connecting Talented Women with Top Companies

by Roveen Anyango
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Womentech Network is an organization that aspires to make a difference worldwide by enabling women’s empowerment in technology. They do this through mentorship and networking programs, provision of opportunities for professional growth and leadership development.

Anna Radulovski founded Womentech Network and since its inception, it now has a presence in 172 countries, with over 8,000 Global Ambassadors. Over 3.5 million people have been reached by the organization, which over 70,000 tech leaders collaborating with the organization to make it possible.

“Womentech Network is inspiring women to make a difference by building impactful and inclusive technology while introducing them to like-minded people, inspiring speakers, and opportunities at leading companies that aim to create diverse teams and a culture of belonging.” Says Womentech Network on their about page.

Womentech has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest companies across the world to further its goal of encouraging more women to get into tech. Companies such as Amazon, Meta, HP, Yelp among others are some of the collaborators with Womentech, ensuring that the organization’s goals are met.

How to join

You can gain membership to Womentech Network by clicking here. You have three different levels you can choose from depending on your career stage and goals. One can also keep your eyes out for the Women in Tech Global Conference that will be held from May 9-12. The conferences will be held in all the countries where Womentech has a presence and include virtual conferences. The conferences will be held with the aim of uniting 100,000 women in tech to encourage innovation with purpose and impact.

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