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Common Habits That Sabotage Your Happiness

by Roveen Anyango
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We all desire to be happy in our lives, and we often look for ways to add it. Habits, things, goals. But have you ever sat down and thought, ‘Is there anything I do that subtracts from my happiness?’

Sometimes, to be happy, you need to change some everyday habits that you may not even be aware are subtracting from your happiness. Here are some of them.

Worrying about the future

Sure, you need to prepare for the future. You need to make plans and have goals for the future. However, worrying about the future is about constantly thinking about the future that you forget your present.

The future is not set in stone. It can change, and it can change for the better or worse. It’s beyond your control, so let it go and focus on living your life now. When you let go of worries for the future, you put yourself in a better position to be happy in the present.

Caring for other people’s opinion

We are social beings. We desire that human connection: to love and be loved, to be in social groups, and be accepted. However, if you find that you cannot be yourself simply because of other people, you are doing it wrong.

People will always have an opinion about you, and if you let that dictate how you live, then you are bound to be unhappy because you will try to morph yourself into a person that you are not. It’s okay to change yourself because that’s how you feel, but don’t do it just because others say so.


It’s okay to want to be the best that you can be, but if you find that you are always looking to make things perfect for you to be truly happy, then you will never be satisfied. Nothing in life is perfect, and even if you find something perfect, it never remains perfect forever.

Be okay with seeking excellence rather than perfection. Also, be okay with the knowledge that your life will still be fulfilled if you achieve 60-70% of your goals. That is how to be happy – by practicing contentment.

Comparing yourself with others

Comparison is the thief of joy, as the saying goes. When you constantly compare yourself to others, you give room for jealousy and envy to form and make a home in you. A little jealousy and envy will happen from time to time, that’s normal. But when you constantly compare yourself to others, these negative feelings take root and eat away at any chance of being happy.

So, get rid of these habits (and many more) and then do these, and you will become happier.

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