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Why Mozilla Firefox Should Be Your Default Browser

by Roveen Anyango
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So, you have both Mozilla Firefox and, let’s say, Chrome, as your browsers and want to decide on a default browser on your PC.

Which one should you choose? Below are some arguments on why Mozilla Firefox could be a better overall option.

Less Scooping Around Your Internet Activity

One of the things that most of us have to contend with from Google’s Chrome is the reality that the company is always checking on our activities. This is often done so that they can send you targeted ads based on your intent activities. Even in incognito mode, Google still tracks users.

Firefox on the other hand, does not track your internet activity to make money. Their data collection is often under very strict guidelines and often not to sell to advertisers but rather, to improve the site.

Mozilla Uses Less Battery

Now, while both browsers aren’t exactly kind on your battery, Mozilla Firefox has gained a reputation as being less intensive on your battery compared to Chrome.

Firefox is known to have a higher resource efficiency than Chrome and thus, ensuring that you get more done when you are not plugged in than you would when using Chrome.

Firefox is Open Source

Now, while many might have concerns about open-source projects, Firefox is actually one of the best open-source projects.

The company is community-developed and backed by Mozilla Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. This means that, through using Firefox, you are supporting open internet which is not controlled by large multinationals.

Thus, this is why Firefox will often evolve a lot better and for the better than other browsers backed by large corporations.

Now I now that many of you might not want to switch to Firefox from Chrome because Chrome is faster and has better performance, but when looking at net positives, you will not go wrong with using Firefox as your default browser.

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