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4 Best Apps for Book lovers

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you love reading books? If you are constantly craving the written word, even when you are on your phone, then you have come to the right place.

With smartphones taking over much of our lives, reading has begun to drop down in the hobbies that many people have. However, you don’t need to drop your phone to continue your reading habits. These apps can help you keep your reading habits while still keeping you on your beloved phones. (All apps are available on Android and iOS)


Wattpad has gained quiet a reputation for thrilling and effervescent stories from unknown writers. The apps also bring an element of community to the reading practice, allowing you to interact with other readers on certain things in the book.

Furthermore, the app encourages you to take part in writing contests and develop a reader’s community.


This app is more a social network for readers. It is one of the best sites in which to find books and in it, you can join a community of readers and even get to follow your beloved writers.

Reading on Goodreads also means that you will get recommendations in line with your taste; to get the best book.


Yet another app that features mostly indie writers, Inkitt is mostly fiction, with genres ranging from fantasy, sci-fi, romance and others. However, the app is not a social media kind of app and you only read and can’t interact with other readers.

Serial Reader

This app has gained a reputation for being friendly to both newbies and avid readers. The app helps improve your reading habit by giving you bit-sized parts of classic literature to read daily. Thus, if you are struggling with reading for long, this app helps develop the reading habit through this small reading pieces, which will often take about 20 minutes.

Reading is one of the oldest yet most stimulating hobbies one can have. Thus, keep it going with the apps above and many more.

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