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Home Technology App Review: Bitdefender Mobile Security – A Proper Guard for Android

App Review: Bitdefender Mobile Security – A Proper Guard for Android

by Roveen Anyango
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Mobile security has become much more important the more we become intrinsically engaged. With many new websites, social media and online stores sprouting, we are increasingly sharing so much personal information online that a proper security is necessary.

Bitdefender is here to do just that. Now, by and large, your Android phone is safe as the phone manufacturers and Google all ensure that they put in proper security features. However, your usage of the phone can still leave you vulnerable to security threats. This is where Bitdefender comes in.

Bitdefender for Mobile

While Bitdefender is known for its computer security, the company has developed a mostly free app to provide security for android phones.


Bitdefender offers you malware detection and protection, a feature that immediately flags any suspicious downloads and gives you an option to uninstall the downloaded app.

It also has Privacy Advisor, which detects hidden app behaviour on apps that may not be malicious. The advisor provides you with details of any invasion of privacy an app could be doing behind the scenes.

Aside from that, Bitdefender also has an antitheft feature. With this feature, you can remotely lock or locate your device and trigger an alarm. You can do this through access to the Bitdefender website. Locking the phone then means the thief will be unable to access the internals, ensuring that they cannot gain access to your private information. Aside from that, you also get an SMS command that allows you to listen in on the thief with a simple call to the number giving the SMS command.

You also get to locate your device through Google Maps with a reasonable margin of error.

You also get a Wipe Command, which triggers a factory reset on your device, completely erasing your personal data.


The Bitdefender free trial run is for 14 days, after which you lose most of the advanced features such as anti-theft, web protection and App lock.

Additionally, Bitdefender still falls some way short of other Security Apps like Norton, which offer near flawless working.


Bitdefender comes with an annual $14.95 fee a year, which is less costly than the other more refined security apps but still works greatly and does what it promises.

Score – 4 out of 5.

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