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App Review: How the CCleaner Holds Up as a Cleaning App

by Roveen Anyango
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The general consensus among techies is that many cleaning apps are often unnecessary. Indeed, many of the ‘cleaning app’ developers will often either make bloatware, malware or adware.

Therefore, this makes choosing a proper cleaning app quite tricky. But the CCleaner, by Avast Security, is a good option to have.

What’s in CCleaner?

The CCleaner app has been around for a while but began developing problems in 2017 after being acquired by Avast. The computer version for the app was hacked, with a Trojan horse then added to the download. Luckily, though the company caught the issue before it became widespread.

While CCleaner is primarily for PCs, it also has an android version for the phone. It offers to fix issues on Privacy, Speed, Space and Security.

The Privacy function cleans up your browser history, clears cookies and deletes temporary internet files. The Space feature cleans the temporary app files. The Speed feature analyzes startup programs and recommend disabling those that take up huge memory on startup. On Security, the app detects outdated apps and suggests updating, as well as detecting dangerous apps on the phone.

The app also monitors your battery consumptions and highlights apps that consume the most of your battery. You can then hibernate these apps with a single tap.

On top of that, the app is light weight, which means that it will not consume much of your available phone space.


The obvious downside to the CCleaner is the danger of downloading malware following the hack in 2017.

However, a major downside of CCleaner is what is a major problem with cleaning apps – performance-killing. Many cleaning apps eat up precious RAM and make the phone slower in the long-term. Indeed, many cleaning ups fill up the phone with junk, which they later ‘clean’ to give an impression that they are doing the job they claim.

While this is not a problem with CCleaner per se, if your phone already has a preinstalled cleaner, you wouldn’t have to download CCleaner.


The app provides you with all the basic functions for free. However, the app allows you to make in-app purchases.

So, the CCleaner app, and these other options, are much better than many options that you have on the Play Store. However, note that you probably don’t need it, especially if you rarely run out of RAM.

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