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Apple’s 10th Gen iPad: Is it Worth it?

by Roveen Anyango
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Apple has managed to strike a goldmine with their lineup of iPad Pros, Airs and Minis. However, the company has also been trying to capture the market of budget tablets.

The iPad 10th Generation is an upgrade of its previous budget iPad, the 9th Generation iPad. However, Apple decided to redesign the iPad and also add in some new features.

Why it’s worth it

The iPad 10th Generation is probably the best looking budget iPad, featuring an upgrade on its design, with a slimmer, more rectangular frame reminiscent of iPad Air, thinner bezels (but still thicker in comparison to more expensive iPad models). This means a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen fitted in a compact, neat body.

The new standard iPad also changed the camera location of the camera, placing it at the top of the screen when the iPad is held in landscape mode – the mode that it mostly will be held.

The iPad also comes with a reliable battery life (up to 10 hours of web-surfing on Wi-Fi), faster performance compared to the 9th Gen iPad (A14 Bionic chip), tablet-customized apps, a USB-C charging port and a brighter Retina display.

Additionally, if you are a colorful person, then the iPad 10th Gen also has you covered with four lively colors – pink, silver, yellow and sleek blue.

Why it’s not worth it

Apple bumped up the price of the 10th Gen to $449, which is much higher than the cost of the previous generation’s $329. This is despite it not having any major improvements over its predecessor. Furthermore, the company started the base storage of the iPad at 64GB, which for such a tablet, could end up filling pretty quick. The highest storage is 256GB, which may be enough for most people. Its 4GB RAM also means that multi-tasking is limited.


As with anything Apple does, the new iPad does have just enough new features to create the impression that your money was well spent. Its connectivity with the Magic Keyboard, larger screen size could be enough for some people to consider it worth the price. But if you are shopping on a budget, then the 9th Gen iPad could still get the job done for you.

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