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Best Internet Browsers for Windows 11

by Roveen Anyango
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Internet browsing is a critical part of modern life and for this reason, there is a rise in browsers aimed to meeting the demand for web browsing.

However, for the recently released Windows 11, some browsers may not be ideal for the new software yet others work like breeze on it. So, below are the best browsers for your Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge

Of course we begin with the inbuilt browser from Microsoft that has been optimized for the OS but which we often avoid using for some reason.

Edge is faster, more secure and has a good user interface that makes for a smooth browsing experience. Being optimized for the Windows 11, it will not run into issues such as sucking up much of your laptop RAM when using.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was launched in 2002 and was an alternative of Internet Explorer back in the day. Since then, however, the browser has been updated to fit into the modern world and is considered to be one of the most secure browsers out there. Indeed, one of its best features is its ability to let you remove tracking information from URLs.

It also stops videos from playing automatically, saves your passwords securely, all while taking up less RAM than its competitors.


Brave is probably one of the most secure web browsers on this list, offering a one-of-a kind browsing experience. For example, if has an independent search function which removes the risk of metadata collections, thus preventing collection of data for targeted ads.

So if you want a browser that completely guarantees your privacy, Brave is the way to go.


If you have a PC that would do with a lighter browser, then Opera is the one for you. With Windows 11 still facing hiccups, browsing without hanging here and there can be a luxury, especially for those will entry-level PCs.

Aside from low memory consumption, Opera is also great at blocking popup ads, saves your battery by making your PC work less and also comes in with an inbuilt VPN.

Additionally, if you are a gamer, you also get a specialized gamer browser called Opera GX. This browser lets you browse while limiting CPU, GPU and Ram usage, thus meaning that you can use it to browse as you game without affecting your gaming performance.

These browsers and many more will guarantee you a smooth experience using Windows 11 now, and hopefully in the future.

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