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How to Create Engaging Digital Content

by Roveen Anyango
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Digital content on social media platform has become a great tool for both individuals such as influencers and even big companies and brands to engage with their customers.

Digital content is the way to go because it is easier to consume for many people, most of whom spend most of their waking time on their phones, rather than watching TV or listening to the radio. So, how then, do you as a brand, whether as an individual or company, capture them through your content? Well, here’s how.

1.    Be Original

It is very tough these days to produce content that is 100% unique. Anything that you try to do will most likely already have been done. So, how then do you be original? Share personal experiences. Nobody else has gone through what you have gone through, and even if they have, they will not learn the same lessons you learn from it. So, when creating digital content, whether its video or blog articles, add some personal experience to give it much more personality. That way, people will engage more with it.

2.   Ensure you provide accurate information

Your audience trusts you and thus, you need to provide them with accurate information. Include statistics, studies and research if possible. Aside from that, any links should be to credible websites. Studies and statistics should be linked to authoritative websites or if you cannot find them, should be linked to a website known for being authoritative.

With that in mind, also ensure that you update old content in face of new information.

3.   Know the end goal of your content

When making content, ensure that you know the actionable end of it all. What do you want the customer to do after consuming your content? If you have no idea what you wish to get out of the content, then your customer will have no idea either. So, for example, if you are creating digital content on a new product, simply writing or making a video about it is not enough. You need to create content that gives the potential customer reason to take action.

4.   Be aware of time

When creating content, timing is of important. What are your core audiences’ rhythms? At what times are they most active? When you get the timing right, you will get more engagements on your post.

5.   Use the right format

I often sometimes see some influencers and brands, for example, put long captions on their Instagram feed. Now, this is not exactly a bad thing, but Instagram is a photo and video-heavy app, so chances are, most of your audience are not reading the whole comment. Instead, capture their attention with a well-done video or photo, which will then make them curious enough to visit your website. Meanwhile, Twitter is text-heavy so put any text-heavy content on there, along with photos and videos, of course.

There you have it. Creating engaging content is more than just having a good camera or laptop. You need to put effort into it.

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