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How to get things done when you have no motivation

by Evalyne Ndanu
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There are moments when our motivation is at zero. We don’t want to do anything. There may be lots of things pending for us to get done but we just don’t feel like doing them. Even willpower is unable to fuel us in such moments. Here are some ideas on how to get things done when you have no motivation.

Go outside.

Sometimes what we need is a break. A breath of fresh air. Nature is said to be a healer and a calmer to our minds. Get out, take a walk in the nature, watch some birds flying by and take in some fresh air. Change of environment sometimes breeds a change of perspective. Perhaps this is what is required to jump start your motivation. Actually, make it a habit to be going out for some minutes each day.

Meditate on your why.

When we are out of touch with our ‘why?’, then we often lack the momentum to keep going. Our ‘whys’ are like the anchor and the foundation. They are our launching pads. With the ‘busyness’ going on in life, we may lack time to reconnect with our why. Take time to meditate on your why, it will give you reasons to get things done.


Visualize your goals and ideas.

Creating a mental picture of what we want or wish to achieve is a catalyst to help us get things done. Here are ways to set proper goals. Write them down and visualize them. Visualize your financial freedom, visualize your ideal life. Clarifying our destination makes it feasible to make a journey towards it.

Begin with small tasks.

Our mind may create a mental barrier when what we are trying to achieve seems too big. Therefore, Breaking down the big goals to smaller tasks is thus more efficient. Small tasks create room for more achievements and more feedback. They help us make small-small steps towards the right direction. Consequently, the small wins also create momentum for us to keep pursuing our bigger goals.

small tasks

Think about your emotions.

Ask yourself why you may be feeling the way you are feeling. Dig into your fears. Begin dealing with feelings of Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Hopelessness. Sometimes the problem is a root problem that is displaying itself as an absence of motivation. Addressing these deep rooted issues helps in solving the missing piece of the puzzle. Perhaps seeing a counselor about anxiety and depression is the solution. Check deep within and think about your emotions.

Have accountability.

Reach out to your friend or your accountability partner. When we have someone we are accountable to, we pull up our socks. Find a friend, a family member, a mentor or even a mentee that can become your accountability partner. As they keep you accountable, add value to them by keeping them accountable to themselves too.  Additionally, two are definitely better than one.

Listen to music.

Music is like food to the soul. It has the capacity to Soothe you and energize you. Take time to listen to your favorite genre of music. Absorb the music and soak it in. You will realize that you are indeed re-energized after listening to music.


Put away social media.

Given that we have become practically inseparable from our phones, means we are constantly on the risk of being distracted. Distracted by notifications, calls, messages. We struggle to concentrate on tasks due to this distractions. Perhaps it’s time to put away social media. If possible put your phone far away from reach and concentrate on the task at hand.

Be kind to yourself.

Being kind to yourself includes resting and sleeping. Allow your body to rest and rejuvenate. Perhaps you are having a burn out and it is the reason why you are unable to get anything done. Give yourself time to unplug and simply rest. Also learn to be thankful to yourself for the far you have come. Appreciate your self.

Being kind to yourself also involves avoiding perfectionism. Cut yourself some slack.

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