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How to set proper goals

by Evalyne Ndanu

Perhaps you have resolved that indeed goals are important and now you wish to set some. Here are some tips on how to set proper goals.

Write your goals down.

A Harvard study showed that people who write down their goals are highly likely to achieve them. Also come to think of it, if you can’t spare time to write down your goals, will you even have the time to work on them?

“If you are serious about your goals and you truly desire to achieve your dreams, you must write them down.” ― John Patrick Hickey

write down your goals
Make sure the goals speak to you on a personal level.

The goals we make should fit our values and desires. They should speak to the core of who we are. They should marry with our Passion. Don’t just set goals because everyone else is. Take time with yourself to analyze who you are and what truly matters to you then makes sure your goals are aligned to your true identity.

Think of the results you want to achieve, visualize them.

Imagine your future. Create a visual of your goals. If you can paint and draw, do this and make a visual of what you would like to achieve. This not only allows you to check inside yourself but also forms an image for you conscious and subconscious mind.


Apply the SMART Approach.

The SMART Approach is the foundation of making goals. The goals you make need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable , Relevant and Time-Based. An example of a SMART goal would be; ‘I will be learning Python everyday for 1 hour from W3 schools and after 2 months, I will build a meal app using python. There are more examples of SMART goals.

Create Accountability.

Tell your goals to someone who can hold you accountable. Preferably a mentor would be great for accountability. A close friend, family or colleague could also hold you accountable. Choose your accountability partner wisely. Accountability gives the extra push and allows for feedback.

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