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How to make a plan (and stick to it)

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Have you ever failed or been unmotivated and lost focus towards your set goals?  Here are some tips on how to make a plan (and stick to it).

Be certain of your why.

Goals need to be more important to self than to others. Authenticity is required for this. While we are tempted to copy others especially in this social media era, we have to choose to remain true to our selves. Your talents, skills, abilities and personality are unique to defining your why. Be certain and aware of it. It will keep you solid during storms.

Focus on the outcome.

As cliche as it sounds, beginning with the end in mind sure makes a whole lot of difference. It allows you to visualize where exactly you are headed to and keeps you grounded.  This area may need higher levels of energy coupled with commitment to keep your eyes on the outcome.

Setting a time limit.

This helps to avoid foot-dragging as well as over speeding! In the setting of proper plans, time factor stands out as a principal factor. It helps establish that if even if you choose to procrastinate, there is  a cap, a deadline to assist in knowing what and when to prioritize.


Focus on progress instead of Perfection!

Progress and celebrating the small wins sure creates momentum for the bigger goals. Perfection may be limiting. It keeps us stagnant to some extent. Instead allow yourself the flexibility to focus on progress and output instead of Perfection! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they are actually makers that we are doing something. Therefore, however big the vision or plan is, take simple steps persistently!


Many, if not most of us, are in need of accountability. Accountability is one of the tools that helps us get things done even with no motivation. It allows us fresh eyes into our plans. A fresh perspective may introduce a dimension that we are not able to see by ourselves. Accountability also pushes us towards putting our best foot forward.

Regular Reviews.

Regular reviews give you a clear picture on where exactly you are regards your plans. It let’s you in on what exactly is performing well and that which is not. This allows you adequate space to adjust accordingly!

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