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How to Manage Autocorrect on Your Android Device for Better Texting Experience

by Roveen Anyango
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Texting can sometimes be an embarrassing experience when you key in a message with a typo and then send it to the other person. While in no way a completely damaging thing, it can definitely be a face-palming experience for you.

Autocorrect is a software function which suggests corrections for spelling or grammatical mistakes that you make when typing. Some people find this feature quite annoying, and many consider it to hinder their learning of spelling. However, for some people, autocorrect is a lifesaver. This especially true for people who are not native speakers of English and want to pass a message across in the clearest way possible.

Therefore, we look at how to activate autocorrect in your android phones if it seems to not be working anymore.

Android 7.1 and above

In newer android software enabling autocorrect on the Gboard is done in the following ways. (note that this applies to non-Samsung android phones.)

  • Settings>System> Language & Input>Virtual Keyboard.
  • Once you tap on Virtual Keyboard, select the keyboard you are currently using (it should be highlighted).
  • Then, tap on Text correction> toggle on Autocorrect.

Once on, the autocorrect feature will automatically be correcting misspelt words that you type in. You can also toggle it back off if you no longer need it.

Autocorrect on Samsung

Samsung come with a different keyboard setting from the Gboard. Here is how to turn on autocorrect on it.

  • Go to Settings> General management
  • Then select the Samsung keyboard settings
  • Select the Auto spell check and then turn your keyboard language to the On You can also turn it off by simply toggling it back to the off position.

If none of the above tricks work, then consider changing your Android keyboard. Many third party keyboards can be found on Google Play store. Once installed, you should be able to enable the keyboard through its in-app process.

Texting is becoming a major means of communication for many people right now, with studies suggesting that most young people prefer texting to calling. Thus, it is important to give yourself the best conditions to text clearly and in the best way possible.

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