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How To Reduce Data Usage On Your Mobile Device

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When you compare mobile data to WiFi connections, there are far more benefits that come with the use of WiFi such as convenience, mobility, productivity, deployment, expandability, and cost. However, at times, mobile data can also come in handy when you’re looking for a more temporary solution to your situation. 


WiFi connections offer users a chance at flexibility, and you’re virtually limitless in how you can use it to surf the net. But we all know how mobile devices tend to have background data running because while you’re reading up on some recent sports news, your connection could also be receiving social media notifications, acting on app updates, and receiving emails all at the same time. When you’re on a WiFi connection, you don’t need to worry about such in most cases, however, the moment you hop back into using mobile data, this can be a problem. 


Nothing is as frustrating as watching your mobile data deplete drastically over actions being run on your phone that you have absolutely no clue of. If you happen to have no idea of what exactly could be consuming so much of your data, we have the answers you’re looking for. So, to learn of ways to reduce your data usage on your mobile device, you can continue reading for more. 


Tips To Managing Your Data Usage

Make Adjustments To Your WiFi Settings

When you have a WiFi connection fixed to a certain location, moving away from it may compel you to invest in mobile data so you’re constantly able to connect to the internet. But sometimes, you can find yourself forgetting to switch the mobile data off to jump back to WiFi once you’re back home or back at the office. 


With mobile devices of today, you no longer need to manually switch between the two only when you remember. There are settings you can activate that will automatically switch to WiFi connectivity the moment the device picks up a WiFi connection within its range. Just head over to your settings and follow the prompts that will lead you to automatically log on to any safe wireless connection that could be in range. This way, you can spare yourself the cost of freely using your data under the impression that you’re connected to the WiFi simply because you forgot to switch between the two. 


Avoid Using Mobile Data For Large Files

Whenever you have a WiFi connection that’s in range, take advantage of that opportunity to download any files and apps that are large. At times, you can find applications that can be more than 100 MB to download and this could easily consume a lot of your mobile data. By putting these applications and files for a later time to connect to a WiFi connection, this can help you save your mobile data. 


Another thing to do is to also be aware of the streaming quality you’re using to watch videos online. If you happen to be on mobile data, adjust the streaming quality to be less, or else you’ll find yourself without data within a matter of minutes. On average, 4G video streaming is said to use roughly 350 MB of data per hour. So, keep an eye out for that. 


Manage Notifications

When you set your mobile device to alert you on notifications, this consumes data. Though some are necessary to keep active, you may want to deactivate ones from apps like games, automatic app updates, email and push notifications, and your device’s GPS. This is especially if you don’t need them. 


Restrict Background Data

There are many apps on your mobile data that continue to operate even when you’re no longer on them. This is especially the case with apps that provide location services. By heading over to your device’s settings and restricting background data, you can have your device stop consuming data when you’re no longer active on the app. 


Activate Usage Alerts

Your mobile device is able to help you view and monitor how you’re using your mobile data. But in addition to this, you’re also able to limit your daily data consumption and allow your device to notify you whenever you’re approaching or have reached your limit. Activate such settings so you can keep your data usage under control. 

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