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Home Technology RedMagic 8 Pro: First Official Globally Launched Phone of 2023

RedMagic 8 Pro: First Official Globally Launched Phone of 2023

by Roveen Anyango
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The year 2023 is shaping up nicely for some cool tech and after the launch of RedMagic 8 Pro globally on January 16th, the anticipation for the phones is well and truly on. However, the phone was released in December 2022.


The RedMagis 8 Pro is a gaming phone so you definitely know that it goes in hard on the specifications. The 6.8” phone features

  • A full HD 1116x2480p AMOLED display
  • A 50 MP main camera sensor
  • A 6000mAh battery
  • The latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, meaning that the phone will blow past any phone games you throw at it, regardless of resolution.

But, hold on. While the specs are definitely impressive, the reality of the matter is that flagship phone specifications are really not that different, meaning that unless you are a tech nerd, any differences in performance will be hard to notice. So, what makes the RedMagic stand out?

Brilliant Build and Design

Looking at the RedMagic phone, you can quickly tell that the company put a lot of thought in building the phone’s exterior.

The RedMagic 8 Pro comes in two variants – the Matte and the Void finish. The built at the back features the subtle yet still visibly aggressive streamlines, along with the Red Magic logo nestled beautifully at the bottom of the phone. But the Void finish goes even further, featuring a transparent back glass that allows you to view the beautiful interior of the phone. Of course, you don’t get to see the inner mechanisms, but you do get a glimpse of the beautiful layout at the back of the phone. You also get to see the RGB colors around the cooling fan as it works so that’s quite cool.

The RedMagic 8 Pro also comes with a headphone back, a stereo speaker at the top and an end-to-end display with no selfie camera punch. Instead, the selfie camera has been put under the display glass.

Starting price

The RedMagic 8 Pro is expected to retail from $979 and above in some markets, though in others it could retail for as low as $650.

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