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Tips on How to Manage Remote Workers

by Roveen Anyango
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Remote working has been on a steady increase over the past few years. However, the ongoing pandemic has hastened the process, with many companies resorting to employing remote workers to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

But managing remote workers is a challenge on its own, especially if they are in a different country from where you are based.

Below are some tips on how you can manage your remote workers and get the best out of them.

Set clear expectations

The very first thing you need to do with remote workers is set to clear expectations of what the company expects from them.

This means, providing them with clear guidelines and responsibilities, letting them know of the company values and what is needed of them on a day-to-day basis.

Schedule daily check-ins

Remote working comes with its own downside, which is that sometimes if employees are not pushed, they can slack off, leading to a drop in productivity.

However, the rise in the use of Zoom calls and other video conferencing options means that you can schedule daily check-ins with your employees for the face-to-face meeting that reminds them that even though they are not under constant supervision, they are still required to be productive.

Focus more on productivity, not an activity

Even after checking in regularly with your remote workers and setting your expectations, truth is, you will not be able to completely ensure that they are at their desks working for the stipulated offices hours.

So, instead of focusing on having them work on traditional office times, focus more on what they produce based on what you expect of them. Ultimately, the fact that you do not need to micro-manage them can free you to do other things and if the employees meet their daily targets, then it won’t matter that they spend the afternoon feeding their dog.

Provide resources

To avoid running into trouble with remote workers, provide them with most of the critical material that they need to work efficiently.

This could be work laptops, Wi-Fi, webcams, and headsets, etc. With the necessary tools to work, your remote workers will be able to work better without hitches.

Show flexibility

Remote working needs not to be like traditional office work. Every person working from a remote has their own unique environment. Some will have home offices, others will have families that make working from home much more difficult, some people might be going through relationship problems, etc.

As a business owner or manager, be willing to listen and understand your remote worker’s complaints and set your expectations around their unique circumstances.

Managing remote teams is not an easy task, but you can do your best to encourage your remote workers to also do their best.

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