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Best Apps to Check Your Phone’s Overall Health

by Roveen Anyango
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Our smartphones are very complex machines with so many different components inside of them. These components are so interconnected that a breakdown of one could ruin the smartphone experience altogether. This article explains more on Best Apps to Check Your Phone’s Overall Health.

Luckily though, there are some apps out there that help keep track of your phone’s overall health. I know we have all heard of battery health and it’s related apps, but these apps look into the general health of your phone.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is an app in which you run a series of system hardware checks.

The app has a relatively simple and straightforward UI, with the hardware checks including:

  • Display tests, such as checking for dead pixels and touch responsiveness
  • Network and cellular connection tests
  • Movement sensors, including checking proximity sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Memory storage and CPU benchmarking

Dead Pixel Test and Fix

While the Phone Doctor Plus checks for dead pixels in its screen test, it doesn’t fix. However, the Dead Pixel Test and Fix fixes them for you.

This app, which is free, refreshes pixels that may have been stuck. The app runs the pixel through three options in the RGB (red, green and blue) until the pixel refreshes. The app takes between few minutes up to an hour to fix the issue.

However, the app does not fix dead pixels that are a result of hardware defects, for example if the screen is broken or has been pressed. So, if the app doesn’t fix your pixels in a few hours, that could be due to hardware defects.

Repair System for Android

Repair System packs a lot of tests for your phone, including an antivirus, CPU cooler, junk file cleaner and battery saver.

However, its best feature is the Repair System and Hardware Check. The Repair System checks the whole phone system for issues and also repairs problems it detects in the phone.

The Hardware Checker checks that basic phone hardware, giving indications of which are working well and which need fixing.

The above apps help in checking your phone health if the phone has not major physical defects. If your phone has major physical damage or problems, then you should probably look to repair it. These apps simply help check if everything is in place every once in a while.

Here is a comprehensive and detailed look into more of these apps and others.

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