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How a Young Kenyan Startup is Changing the Digital Marketing World

by Roveen Anyango
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Wowzi is a Kenyan tech startup that was the brainchild of Mike Otieno, Hassan Bashir, and Biran Mogeni.

The startup is trending in the tech world after landing a $3.2 million capital from 4DX Ventures. The company received the funds across the past few months; an initial $1.2 million seed capital, followed by the $2 million seed round, adding to a total of $3.2 million.

With this money, Wowzi co-founder and CEO, Brian Mogeni, said that they would look to launch operations in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. Currently, the company has a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

“Our primary focus is on expanding across Africa in 2022 and in other emerging markets globally,” Mogeni told TechCrunch on December 15th, 2021.

But what is Wowzi and why should you know about it?

What is Wowzi?

Wowzi is an app that is designed to link brands to influencers and vice versa, which eliminates the need for brands, for example, to run their own search for influencers.

Advertisers or brands will post influencer jobs on the app, after which the content creators or influencers, will create content on the app for an advertiser who chooses them.

The app makes it easier for companies to find reliable and trustworthy influencers to work with, while also providing influencers with options on possible brands they can collaborate with.

Wowzi welcomes influencers of all kinds, from Nano to Mega. Through a rigorous talent training program, Wowzi then teaches these influencers how to create content and be able to serve brands. Within days, they are ready and become verified Wowzi users. At which point, they can then accept job offers from brands that fit their brand.

Brands meanwhile, will post a campaign on the app and filter to their preferred influencer demography based on gender, location, income level, and profession. This then makes it easier for the companies to reach influencers that they want.

It is for this reason that Wowzi has managed to get the funding. And with the African population connected to mobile internet expected to rise to 40% by 2025, internet-based businesses such as Wowzi are more likely to see incredible growth as more people become influencers.

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