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There are endless opportunities in the Tech world. Given that tech is continually growing and evolving, the opportunities continue growing. You may be looking at it from the side lines and wishing to get into the tech field. Here are tips on how to start a career in Technology.

Identify your strengths and abilities

Looking within yourself is always the first step towards starting in practically any career. Ask yourself why it is important for you to get into technology. It is the why which will ground you when the going begins to be tough. Identifying what you are good at allows you to have sort of a head start because then you will be building on something that already comes naturally for you. For example if you are artistic and love color, it would be best to pursue a career as a UI/UX designer. If you are good with numbers and math, you could look into the Data Analyst path. Knowing your already existing abilities and skills reveals to you on which path you could get started on. Take sometime to look within and identify your strengths and abilities.

Do your Research

The Digital Era allows us access to a vast wealth of information. What you are looking for is simply a google away. It is therefore time to do some research on the areas in technology that you think may interest you. Look at the skills required for certain careers, ask yourself if those are skills you see yourself possessing. Look at how a day in a certain career looks like. You can do your research around different technology careers for example Software development, Data Science, Product Manager, Technical Writing, Web and Mobile development among others. Research introduces you to what to expect in the field.

Find a Mentor

Mentorship allows us first hand access to people already in the field. It allows first hand interaction with our possible future self. You get to interact and be exposed to the field that you are looking to getting into. The advantages that come from mentorship are numerous.
Here is how to find a mentor in the tech field.



There is immense exposure that comes from networking. Look around you and identify tech professionals that you can network with. Go to LinkedIn and add them to your networks. Look at their works and skills. Make it a point to attend tech events and meet-ups. While there, say hi to people and introduce yourself, get to know them and establish communication with them. In these networks, job opportunities are shared, mentorship opportunities are shared and relationships are created.

Get started

The best time to get started is now. Begin where you are. Enroll in that programming class. There are numerous of materials online which are free, for example W3 schools, begin consuming these materials. Immerse yourself in the path you wish to follow. Begin working on code projects and sharing them on GitHub. Build a portfolio around it. Join tech communities related to your path. Simply get started.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”– Arthur Ashe

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