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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You

by Roveen Anyango
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Smartphone companies have gotten to the point where they are now trying to target as many of the mass consumers as possible. This has led to development of functional and good-looking smartphones for all prices, including low, budget prices. Even Apple, which started out as selling their iPhones as only flagships, have started creeping into the mid-range phones with their SE variants.

Thus, there is no shortage of smartphones for any price. But how do you exactly choose the best in the market for your use.

Avoid under $100

If you can help it, avoid smartphones below $ 100. While things have improved in many smartphones over the years, phones below $100 still remain extremely basic, with the phones offering nothing but basic functionalities, low-quality build and poor performance.

Choose value for money

Phones between $ 200 – $ 300 is where you have a good chance of finding value for money. Here, you will find some of the best-selling smartphones in the market. You will also find solid makes from Samsung.

Phones here are packed with essential features like AMOLED display, good quality cameras, proper battery and great quirky designs.

Do you want more specs?

If you are looking for something even more, then the price range of between $ 300- $500 is for you. Here, you get some flagship features for affordable prices. It is here that Samsung has some of its best-phones (aside from the flagship of course). But the high-quality options also increase, as OnePlus is also here and iPhones have also began seeping here.

Here, you get phones with more advanced tech, high RAM of between 6-8GB and storage of up to 256 GB, aluminum build, fast charging and great front and rear cameras. The phones here also have the best batteries in the game.

Do you want high-end

If you want even more, then you for the flagships. Here is where you get the best of Android and iPhone. For between $ 700 – $ 1000, you get 8K video support for camera, QHD resolution and more advanced tech. Android phones here can support memory storage of up to 1 TB and you also get face ID unlock and under-screen ultrasonic display and USB 3.2 type C charging port.

So, with everything for everyone, you are not short of options when you want a smartphone for your needs.

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