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How to Handle Stress and Pressure at work

by Evalyne Ndanu
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At work we are constantly getting work done, writing reports, doing demos, meeting clients, meeting deadlines, presenting research findings, among other activities. Sometimes, these things can cause as stress and pressure with colleagues and bosses constantly on our necks. This could drive us to the edge of a meltdown.

This begs the need to know how to handle ourselves when faced with challenges, which will sure come if they haven’t already. Here are some tips on How to Handle Stress and Pressure at work.

Get Organized and set Priorities

Work will always keep coming. There will always be something begging for your attention while still more keeps coming. The best way to Handle stress that may come with this is to get Organized and Set Your Priorities right. You can consider getting apps that make your life and planning easier.

Being organized will make sure you allocate time to the activities and will help you meet your deadlines on time. It will also reduce the chances of Multi-tasking and maximize on Productivity and ability to produce Quality work.


Establish Boundaries

Having Healthy Boundaries is a great tip to handling pressure and stress. Boundaries will help you lead a great balanced life. Your work-life balance will be great as well.

If for example your work a 9-5 job, it is important to leave work at work and go home and be fully immersed and present at home. With our phones on and easy availability of internet, we can be tempted to receive work calls and be occupied with work 24 hours a day. This is where burnout and stress easily kicks in.

Therefore, establish boundaries to handle stress and Pressure at work.

Avoid Office Conflicts

Office conflicts are always there and will be for the most parts. There are caused by a myriad of reasons. There may even be ‘clicks’ at your workplace. One thing you want to maintain if you are to avoid stress and pressure is positivity.

This includes not getting caught up in the conflicts. Don’t get dragged into participating in the conflicts. Avoid gossip as well at the work place. Gossip may lead you to ugly confrontations which will throw you out of balance and cause stress.

Develop great communication skills with your colleagues and bosses and stay clear of the office conflicts.

Ask for Help

Sometimes we want to struggle with something until we get it done, maybe because we want to prove a point or otherwise. While it may be a good thing to be independent and learning to solve problems on your own, don’t overstretch it. Simply ask.

In asking you will have saved time, build a relationship with a fellow colleague and learnt how to work in a team better. Strike a balance in knowing when to ask for help and when finding a solution on your own is necessary.

Better to ask and get unstuck than remain there for weeks or months while your answer is simply an ask away.

Take breaks

Breaks are essential for rejuvenating. For having coffee or tea and also catching up with colleagues. Even with the need of getting things done, breaks are equally as important.

A break will allow you to stretch and relax. It will help your body remain and be calm. We are not robots. We are social beings and therefore having space to relax and catch up with others is like a breath of fresh air.

Tips for Effective Networking

Plan and make use of Vacation Days

Employees are entitled to Vacation Days. Every year there are a number of days allocated for your Vacation. Unless it is an emergency issue, make sure you plan and make use of these days.

A mental and physical separation from work is beneficial to both the employer and employee. You will have time to unplug and unwind and plan well for the coming days.

Failure to have such vacation may lead to negative energy, depression and anger, therefore to reduce the chances of this, take advantage of your vacation days.

Practice relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques are simply life savers. While they may seem too simple, incorporating them in our lives reduces the chances of stress and pressure.

This includes for example taking deep breaths. Taking deep breaths when we feel anxiety also helps our bodies to relax. Keeping calm is also another relaxation technique. Maintaining your calm and cool no matter what is going will ensure you are not stressed.

Eating right and sleeping well is also a relaxation technique that helps our physical, mental and psychological state to remain positive and balanced.

Either way nervousness is never an answer and it doesn’t change the results or outcome.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism causes stress, pressure and anxiety all together. It is unrealistic and toxic and increases stress and pressure. It weighs people down and pulls them back.

On top of that, it is a time-waster. To manage stress and pressure, you need to let go of Perfectionism. Embrace the imperfections and learn from them. Don’t be held back from presenting your work because of Perfectionism.

Letting go of Perfectionism will help to Handle Stress and Pressure at work.

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