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Importance of hiring the right employees

by Evalyne Ndanu
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It is essential for any organisation to have the right employees. The right employee is Passionate about their work, is a team-player, has good communication skills, is action oriented and has a strong work ethic. After you have hired good talent, it is time to enjoy its benefits. Here is the Importance of hiring the right employees.

Ultimately improves efficiency

A right employee will mean that you have found the appropriate fit for a particular job. One who is able to do their task efficiently. The employee is also able to work well with the rest of the team. Which ultimately means that no one in the company will be overburdened or forced to do work for another person.

When everybody is doing their job well, there will be seamless flow of work and everyone will be overall happy.

The ability of the organisation or business to deliver on projects and/or KPIs is improved and guaranteed. Hence making the business reliable to its target market.

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Saves time and Money

The process of hiring new talent is one that is time consuming and costly. Therefore, getting the right employee saves the business time and money that would go into filling in that role.

Additionally, the right employee who is action oriented is able to deliver expected results with the resources available and within a shorter period. This is due to the fact that they are passionate and focused on their job.

A business is able to break even and make better profit margins when the resources are maximumly optimised.

Enhances the quality of work life and teamwork

An addition of a right employee is not only a plus to the business, but also a plus to the team. A team works better if there is less conflict and/or there are better mechanisms of handling conflict within the team. A right employee understands this.

A right employee also understands their role and duties which helps reduce the burnout rates of the entire team. When everyone is doing their work, it means that no one is trying to do another person’s work. This equals to a healthy work environment and improved ability to produce quality work.


Contribute to growth of the company

Another Importance of hiring the right employees is growth of the company. Growth of a company covers many various aspects including revenue, sales, profits, number of customers and number of employees. Growth can be measured from various lenses.

Having the right employees who catch the mission and vision of the company means that they will be working towards the right direction. Employee retention is also likely in a company that is growing, providing more opportunities and benefits to the employees.

It is thus a win win situation for both the employee and employer.

Improved customer experience

The right and satisfied employee is able to interact better with the customer. Moreover, they understand the importance and input of a customer to the business. One of the proven ways of improving customer experience is empowering your employees.

A right employee when empowered thus means that customer experience will be at its best.

Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders—in that order. – Simon Sinek

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